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So I went to a 70s & 80s dance party last night in d-town...

it was fantabulous...

...in the car driving there... listening to "B. Spear's" (as Andrea likes to write, ahahaha)

So I guess driving makes me look retarded (literally)...! lol.

All the cool kids were there, even that random guy on the right that nobody knew... yep he was there too...

I like to get my groove on. All. The. Time.

They were playing 70s and 80s music videos on the bigscreen. It was hottt.

Andrea dressed like a drag-queen wrestler... apparently she thinks that's what the 8os were all about.

I enoyed those clothespins.

Chelsea is so psyched... they just played Cyndi Lauper for the fifty billionth time...

Once again, Andrea is a hot motherfucker in her manly wrestling uniform... hahaha.

We are the 8os. No question about it.

It was just one big disco-licious night...

♥ omfg, gotta love the 70s and 80s...

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